The truth about the skills and strategies needed on a first date. Learn powerful communication skills and master the psychology of women.  Talk, interact and flirt with absolute success. The truth about what to say on a first date and the first date rules. Learn why most seduction techniques don’t work on the first date. The secret first date rules and what not to do on a first date. Everything from the first phone call, the entire first date and beyond. Become a Master of the first date.

  • The fact that you are reading this shows me that you are different from other guys and serious about getting some real world results. You already realize that in order for you to succeed with any woman, you will always have to go through a first date.

  • Most courtships hang in the balance depending on the result of the first date. Simply put, if you get the first date right, she will see you again. And if you get it wrong, she won’t. Even if you’ve managed to get a girls number in under ten minutes, you’ll still have to go through the first date trial before things can go any further.

  • Women need to spend around eight hours with a man before they are comfortable becoming intimate with him. Most men fail to realize how to correctly utilize these eight hours. These men usually try to take a girl out to the movies or out for dinner on their first date with the girl. These men usually never get to see the woman again.

  • This e-book will teach you the required skills to make you a master of the first date. It will teach you how to build connection throughout the date thus ensuring her levels of attraction towards you are always increasing. It will do this by exposing secrets.

  • Learn how to seduce and turn women on with absolute success. Discover the secrets of dating etiquette and the connection strengthening techniques. Learn the exact phone etiquette strategies to ensure she says ‘yes’ to the date invitation. Techniques that create connection and build attraction specifically for the first date.

Learn where you’re going wrong and how to get past being her friend. Learn the top 5 crucial mistakes that most men make and how to avoid them. Realign your internal beliefs and thoughts which are critical to your success. Develop a deep understanding of first date seduction and learn how to easily correct things should you make a mistake. Learn exactly how to act on a first date.

This e-book exposes first date secrets. How to act on a first date is crucially important if you wish to succeed with women and what not to do on a first date is just as important. Give yourself the best chance to succeed with the women you desire by mastering these first date secrets.

The Coffee Date will not only teach you what to say on a first date, it will also lay down all the first date rules that keep women interested and explain exactly what to do on a first date and how to act on a first date. Give yourself the best chance of succeeding.


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This 150 page e-book exposes secrets of seduction which explain exactly how to get a girl to like you. In this guide to picking up women you’ll learn exactly what to say to a girl you like, how to flirt with a woman and how to get a girl to notice you.

Learn how attraction really works for women and why it’s the best news for us not so handsome guys. It reveals the truth about a woman’s sexuality and how women test men…and more importantly, how to deal with it. How to act on a first date and all the first date rules will be in your dating arsenal.


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This 120 page e-book will sky rocket your self confidence and teach you how to be the man that women want. It will teach you how to eliminate your approach anxiety and how to overcome your fear of rejection. Learn what women want and how you can overcome your sticking points. This e-book makes it easy to learn what to say to a girl you like.

Lean how to correctly start conversations and what to do on a first date. How to approach groups of women whilst demonstrating strong and confident body language. How to be the alpha male and the secret catch and release technique. Learn what women want and how to get dates. Attraction mastery is how you get a girlfriend fast…


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This 30 page e-book will reveal the 5 golden rules for text messaging women. Learn when to text her and what to text her. Learn what you should text to ensure your chances of seducing her go through the roof. Take full advantage of the 12 sample texts to put your text game on steroids.

Learn precisely how to flirt with a woman via text and the secrets involved with mass texting. Know what to say to a girl you like when texting her. Using these secrets of seduction in your text messages is exactly how to get a girl to notice you. You’d be a fool to send a text message to her without reading this report first.


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This 84 page E-book goes the extra mile by relaying all of the secrets in one easy-to-understand checklist. Discover seduction secrets that will help you overcome hesitation and teach you exactly how to get a girl to like you. These secrets of seduction expose how to get a girl to notice you and what to say to women when you approach them.

What to say to a girl you like is totally explained as you discover and learn what women want. Approaching women is easy when you know what to say to women and it’s time you armed yourself with these seduction secrets. Before you know it you’ll be on a coffee date with her when you utilize these techniques. You definitely need these tactics at your disposal if you want a chance at picking up girls.


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This 26 page e-book will teach you the secrets on how to flirt with a woman successfully online. The quality of women on sites such as Facebook and Myspace are much higher than the usual online dating sites. This guide will instruct you how to take full advantage of the masses of beautiful women on these social sites.

Learn the hidden secrets of seduction used for building profiles that will actually attract women and learn about all the mistakes not to make too. Become a pro at sending attractive messages that actually demand responses from beautiful women. Be warned…you may never want to leave the house again once you master these online pick-up techniques.


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This 52 page e-book is sure to put your entire game on steroids. Packed full of seduction secrets this e-book is a guide to picking up women. It also covers first date rules like what not to do on a first date. It contains a complete guide on how to flirt with women and is also loaded with first date tips for men.

Seduction Secrets is definitely not your average ‘how to pick up girls book’. Make it easy for yourself to seduce the women you desire by reading this e-book. Then use the ‘Coffee Date’ to learn about how to act on a first date and expose all the first date secrets so you know what to do on a first date.


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This 71 page e-book is a guide to picking up women and all about having bullet proof methods for interacting with women in any situation. Whether you’re trying to get her phone number, bring her back to your place, or learn about what to do on a first date.

Have the confidence to operate without anxiety or fear and begin to use your knowledge of female psychology to penetrate their defenses and crack the secret code to their hearts. Posses the ability to attract women and succeed with them on your own terms. An excellent guide to picking up women which is also packed full of first date tips for men.


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This 39 page e-book is full of great tips and techniques to help you master the art of meeting, dating and seducing beautiful women. This report is meant to help the average guy get started learning everything he needs to know to have ultimate success and power with women.

Learn the easiest way to initiate a conversation with a woman using opening routines.With this Crash Course you will learn all of the basic concepts that you’ll need to know to be very successful at attracting and seducing beautiful women. Make your job of attracting the woman of your desires a whole lot easier by getting hold of this e-book.



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Utilizing these techniques in your seduction game will put you miles ahead of other guys. Don’t miss out on this bonus.Learn exactly how to Pick Up Girls Without Acting Fake, Without Following A Complicated System,
And Without Being A “Weirdo.”

No phoney routines. No stress. No feeling rejected. It’s Being Called “The Holy Grail” Of Seduction For A Reason! Finally, you CAN attract sexy, fun-loving, interesting women — total “10′s” — WITHOUT any of the difficulties of traditional dating or “pick-up” game.

If You Choose To Do Nothing

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This Coffee Date E-book has the potential to enhance your seduction skills to a level of absolute expertise. Learn precisely where you are going wrong and more importantly, how to start getting it right. The cost of this e-book can now be kept to a mere $22 because all aspects of its production have been maintained by the actual author. As a complimentary gift please click on the link below to download a screen-saver containing some very beautiful women. Stop wasting your valuable time and get on the fast tract to the dating and sexual success you deserve…

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